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BTPC Purpose In Ministry

The chief purpose of the Bethel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church is to exalt and glorify the Almighty God, who has for this age manifested in the Person of Jesus Christ.  In exhibiting our love and faith in God, we enter into public worship services, seeking to give fitting expression to our profound and dedicated commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ, who first loved us and gave Himself freely for us.


In our worship of the Almighty God, we experience a meaningful awareness of God with us and we respond to this awareness with true praise and worship.  Our worship includes the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, concerning His advent, birth, life, death, burial, resurrection and return, in order that we might enlighten our spirit, soul, and body to the holiness of God, truth of God and the matchless grace and mercy of God.


In our service to Jesus Christ, we are to call sinners to repentance, lift and restore the fallen, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, visit the sick and incarcerated and maintain the highest standards of morality everyday, and urge all believers to seek a Spirit-filled life.  It is essential that we nourish and cultivate the Christian lives of our parishioners and that we purposefully fulfill the commands of the Holy Bible in society, in general and in our community in particular.


In order to effectuate this purpose, the ministries of the Bethel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church were founded.